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Target Each Stage of Executive Transition

Executive Success offers 3 cohort-based programs to support the specific needs of executives at each stage of transition.   


Ignition is designed for high potential leaders who are preparing for the executive role and are on track to be promoted in the next 12 to 18 months.

The program acclimates leaders to the competencies and mindset required for success as an executive.

Power Launch

Our signature program, Power Launch, successfully launches new executives by providing focus on the most critical areas to executive performance in their first 90 days.   

New Executives are often "drinking from a firehose" and can feel overwhelmed by the demands of their new position.


Accelerator is for executives in the first two years who have made the transition and are performing well but would benefit from time and space to reflect and reorient their growth and development. 

They have learned the early lessons of executive leadership and survived. Now, they want to expand their horizons and impact. 

These programs are offered either as open programs for leaders across companies or tailored programs for a single corporate client sponsoring a small group of their own leaders.

What Makes This Approach Different?

A combination of tools expertly facilitated can propel executives forward more effectively than training or coaching alone.  We call these programs intensive because the focus is on setting up the executive for success over 4-5 months by using a power pack of action-oriented methods. 

  • Leadership Assessment:  Discover opportunities and gaps that relate specifically to success or derailment in your business context

  • Individual Coaching:  Benefit from highly skilled executive coaches who help customize a Success Plan tailored to each executive’s unique business and goals, filling identified gaps and moving swiftly to action

  • Group Coaching:  Build confidence and readiness by working with a select group of leaders at the same stage of executive development and led by two seasoned executive coaches

  • Peer Coaching:  Leverage a fellow program participant for additional feedback and perspective

Cohorts are kept small (6-8) to create a more intimate and productive group experience.  Each group is curated to maximize group synergy.  Leaders from competitor organizations or direct-report relationships will not be included.

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